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Nippersink History and Current Information

In the beginning....

Nippersink Lodge was a summer home built for Eugene Taylor of Murphreesboro, Tennesse. Mrs. Taylor built the lodge in 1934 as a gathering place for her family and friends during the summer months. She named it Nippersink, a Cherokee Indian word meaning Little River.

The lodge is located on the west bank of Little River about one fourth mile upstream from DeSoto Falls. It is built entirely of native materials, except the large cedar posts used across the front of the lodge, which were shipped by flat car from Lebanon, Tennessee. The lodge is 81 feet long and 48 feet wide. The foundation and living room walls are made of stone. The remainder of the structure is built of wood cut and milled right here on the mountain. The two story lodge contains nine rooms with baths, a rustic living room with a large stone fireplace, dining rooms, kitchen and a screened porch with chairs and rockers overlooking the river. A balcony above the living room gives access to six bedrooms on the upper floor. Downstairs, off the living room are three bedrooms. The lodge is furnished in handmade hickory furniture. 

In October 1944, Nippersink was sold to Mrs. Annelee Tucker and Miss Elizabeth Lowe of Thomasville, Alabama. It was these two ladies who concieved the idea of converting the big ol' summer home into an inn. 

Mrs. Tucker and Miss Lowe were school teachers who spent a number of summers as supervisors of girl's camps in the area and had been looking for property suitable for a country inn. The adventure proved successful. In 1960 Hope Cottage was built with four bedrooms, baths and living area.

The two teachers retired in 1973 and Nippersink was purchased by George and Osceola Hauge. Captain Hauge (a retired naval officer) and Mrs. Hauge continued the tradition of warm, friendly hospitality set by Mrs. Tucker and Miss Lowe.

Meanwhile, Edward and Geraldine Disney, natives of Atlanta, Georgia, who had been guests at Nippersink, bought a cottage just up the river from the lodge in 1977. They became friends with the Hauges and when the Hauges decided to retire entirely they encouraged the Disneys to take over the Lodge, and they did just that in the summer of 1979. They began happily welcoming guests.

 Current Information

Today, Edward and Geradine's children, Therese Disney Cox and Desmond Disney own and run the lodge, continuing the tradition of warmth and hospitality to all guests who want to share the Nippersink Experience. 

  Couples, Groups, Campers, Camp Parents and many more are invited to share the Nippersink Experience us! 

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